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May 14-15, 2014 | ICC ExCeL, London

Preconference training

Training date and time: May 12 & 13 from 9 am to 5 pm GMT

Pricing: Pricing: £439/€545 for 1-day course and £878/€1089 for 2-days course from now until Summit (25% discount).

Two-day courses — May 12 & 13 2014

Audience: AEM Developers and System Admins.

This course is a combined overview of Adobe Experience Manager System Administrator and Developer training, condensed into two days. We’ll cover the prerequisites, installation, and system architecture, as well as specific course selections.

  • Day 1 includes a brief look into AEM content authoring, with an overview of the digital asset management (DAM) tool, plus several topics from the System Admin course, including authoring pages. Course selection topics include deployment using static servers and dispatcher, replication agents, packages, user permissions, LDAP, admin interfaces — Apache Felix OSGi console, CRX console, and CRXDE Lite — and how to integrate CQ in a production-level environment. The overall goals of this training are to introduce you to the philosophy behind AEM and how to administer content using ready-made templates.
  • Day 2 will cover the Developer course, which includes the fundamentals of building a custom AEM system based on templates/components. This session also will provide an overview of the repository via CRX, an explanation of Sling principles, installation of CRXDE, creating a template, adding and using components, creating dialog, and navigation. The overall goal of this training is to enable you to create and understand basic templates.
One-day courses — May 12 2014

In this one day session, discover how to engage customers with timely, targeted and relevant content across multiple channels using the conversational marketing capabilities of Adobe Campaign. You will learn best practices for identifying a campaign audience, composing dynamic content and designing and executing a cross-channel campaign. In addition, you will have the opportunity to practice what you learn with a series of guided exercises.

Audience: Reports and Analytics Users and Web Analysts

This one-day training course directed at Adobe Analytics: reports and analytics users is tailored to help you use Adobe Analytics to find answers to your business questions. You’ll learn how the reporting interface and navigation work, how to run reports to get the answers you’re looking for, and how to configure reports for effective decision-making. You’ll also learn how to distribute reports, create useful dashboards, and segment your data so you can get the right information to the right people at the right time..

Audience: Test & Target Power Users and Website Optimization Specialists

This one-day course provides detailed, hands-on instruction on Adobe Target for those who will be using the tool on a regular basis, or for those who will be managing such users. This course lays the groundwork so you can achieve a working knowledge of how to plan, build, and execute campaigns, as well as how to correctly read and interpret test results. The course provides hands-on exercises interspersed throughout both days so you’ll have ample time within the product, actually using and testing campaigns you build yourself.

One-day courses — May 13 2014

Audience: Reports and Analytics Power Users

The key to increased conversion is understanding your visitor. In this one-day course, you’ll learn how to identify and act on important visitor segments on your site by using advanced features and tools to create actionable data. You’ll learn how to create and monitor campaigns in Adobe Analytics. You’ll also learn how to integrate your Analytics data with data external to your website in order to understand your business from end to end.

Audience: Business Analysts

This training will teach you how to use Adobe Discover to do deep analysis of your website traffic. The course shows how Discover goes beyond day-to-day analytics questions and allows you to explore hidden relationships between your reports. Discover lets you take segmentation to the next level by applying virtually any segment to any report, revealing the segment’s effect on site traffic, paths through your site, and conversion. Discover queries the entire data set with unprecedented speed and flexibility.

Audience: AEM Developer.

Mobile channels have gained considerable importance in the last few years, mainly driven by the success of the iPhone. Learn how to build a mobile website with Adobe Experience Manager, including mobile development best practices and specific CQ techniques to allow content reuse and optimization through the different devices. Prerequisite: AEM Developer course.

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