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May 14-15, 2014 | ICC ExCeL, London

Why attend

At Summit EMEA 2014, you'll learn how to find and make the most of every marketing opportunity. Hear from leading innovators, explore the latest tools and trends, and see how companies are using Adobe Marketing Cloud to give them the insights they need, faster and smarter than ever. Join us at Summit EMEA to discover how Adobe can help you get quantifiable marketing results to maximise your impact and revenue.

Summit EMEA 2013 Highlights

What you'll learn

Whether you're new to digital marketing or an experienced veteran, the hands-on training, breakout sessions, keynotes, and panel discussions will give you valuable insights, tools, and techniques for making the most of Adobe Marketing Cloud. Learn how to create, measure, and maximise digital experiences to build brand loyalty and capture new customers. Discuss strategies and best practices for optimising multi-channel analytics, site conversion, audience segmentation and advertising, cross-channel campaign management, and web experience management.

Who should attend?


Discover how Adobe Analytics can help you turn Big Data into strategic insights to identify the most profitable opportunities, engage audiences with compelling content, and determine the critical inputs to achieve marketing success.

Digital marketers

Learn marketing strategies for testing and targeting offers and experiences, ideas for management and deployment, how to leverage valuable analytics, and then how to connect the dots back to your broader marketing efforts.


Adobe's top technologists will share innovative approaches to measurement and optimisation across your digital marketing activities. Learn how to capture data from unique new sources in video and social, and how to use our APIs and SDKs to automate processes and leverage your data. Get hands-on experience and code assets from every session.

Marketing executives

Your business's success depends on turning data into actionable insight, building personalised experiences that elevate your brand, understanding the value of social media, and determining the ROI of your marketing spend. Attend Summit to learn how to make the most of every opportunity and get inspired to become a strategic leader within your company.


Technology combined with data has quadrupled your advertising opportunities, but the options can be overwhelming. Learn how to spend wisely, focusing your resources on the most relevant and impactful solutions so you can get better results from your advertising budget.


Advertisers are more sophisticated and demand more value from their publishing partners than ever before. At Summit, you'll learn how to deliver the right message to the right audience on the right device, with less waste and better return.

Content managers

Discover how innovative, global companies are connecting analytics and web content management to power personalised experiences across web, mobile and social channels so they can build brand loyalty and capture new customers.

Social marketers

Industry gurus and Adobe's own social marketing experts will share insights and strategies to help your company crack the code of social, stay current on trends, and get better, more measurable business related results.

Stay at the forefront of digital marketing with over 80 educational breakout sessions emphasising customer successes based on solutions from Adobe Marketing Cloud. Many sessions will provide tips and tricks on how to best utilise Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions, allowing you to walk away with tools you can start using immediately. In addition, you'll also see in-depth case studies highlighting best practices from technology experts.

Join us

Join us at Summit EMEA and discover how quantifiable marketing results can be the most powerful tool of all.